8 Tips To Completely Slash Your Grocery Bill In Half

Slash your grocery bill in half by over 50% with these easy and simple grocery shopping hacks. Save money and stay within your budget when shopping for your monthly groceries by using these tips! #grocerylist #groceryshopping #savingmoney #savemoney #grocerytips #grocerybill

I get paid biweekly, and I have to find ways to buy groceries without spending too much of paycheck.

Clipping coupons are great and fantastic, but sometimes you just need a more strategic plan when it comes to lowering your grocery bill.

That’s why I gathered 8 simple ways to cut back on groceries and listed them below.

Plan and prep meals

This going to be the most important step in cutting back on your grocery bill. Planning takes time, but you won’t step into the grocery store blind. Using grocery store apps will give you a good idea of what everything will cost, and help you plan on how much money you’ll need to take with you. Plan meals that only require a a few ingredients and a short amount of prep time. Take a day out of your weekend to prepare the meals for the upcoming week.

Shop with a list

There’s nothing worse than returning home after a trip to the grocery store, and realizing that you’ve forgotten something. While you’re planning your meals, create your shopping list by writing down everything you need. Plus, you won’t be tempted to pick up unnecessary items that aren’t on your list.

Shop with cash only

I make the biggest splurges when I go grocery shopping without cash. Anything goes when I have my debit or credit card. But, when I shop with a certain amount of cash, I have to buy the things that I need and nothing else. Shopping with cash puts you on a spending restriction.

I'm so happy that I found these easy tips to slash my grocery bill in half. My bill went down almost 50% and now I get to save more money on groceries and feed my family the healthiest foods. #grocerybill #savingmoney #groceryshopping #savemoney

 Buy generics only

There’s this strange theory that some people think brand products taste better and than generics. But honestly, I don’t find that to be true. If you want save more money, then purchase whatever brand is on sale and costs the less.

Try new stores

I usually shop at the grocery store that closest to my house. But, once I realized that other stores have lower prices, I start to expand my shopping trip to other stores around my city. Once you start comparing prices to different stores, you’ll be surprised at the amount of savings you find.

Buy frozen

Buying fresh fruits and vegetables can be expensive, especially when they’re not in season. When you start buying frozen, you’ll still get the same amount of nutrients as fresh produce for a lower price. There are some products that are beat to buy fresh, but you can be the judge of that.

Take a look in your pantry before shopping

Before shopping and before making a shopping list, take a look around your kitchen to make sure that you don’t already have some of the ideas that you need. Pantry staples like spices, salt, pepper, and cooking oil are things that you don’t need to rebuy if you already have enough of them. Also, try to create new meals out of leftovers that are still good.

Go meatless

We all could stand to eat more vegetables. Meatless meals are almost always cheap to make. With meat prices on the rise, it won’t hurt to try adding a few meatless meals to your meal plan.

You don’t have to spend a fortune everytime you go grocery shopping. Use these tips to lower your grocery bill and save more money.

Learn how I've slashed my grocery bill in half (over 50%)! Save money on your monthly groceries and feed your family the best food without breaking your budget. #groceryshopping #grocerybill #savingmoney #savemoney #grocerylist

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